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Processing Marriage in Thailand

In Thailand, there are a number of procedures and regulations. An outline of the overall procedure is given below:

1. Both parties must adhere to the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • Both the bride and the husband must be at least 17 years old, or under 20 years old with parental permission.
  • There should be no mental illness, insanity, or communicable diseases present in either party.

2. Affirmation of Freedom to Marry: In order to get an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry, the bride and groom must both travel to their respective embassies or consulates in Thailand. This certificate, which declares that they are free to marry, is often granted by the embassy or consulate of their native country.

3. The Affirmation of Freedom to Marry must be translated into Thai by a licensed translator, and it must also be notarized. The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs must notarize the documents after they have been translated.

4. Visit the District Office: To register their marriage, the couple must go to the District Office (Amphur) with two witnesses. The following paperwork is required of them:

  • translation and notarization of the Declaration of Freedom to Marry
  • copies of the witnesses’ and both parties’ passports or other forms of identification.
  • evidence of residence in Thailand, such as a certificate of residence.
  • divorce decrees or death certificates for previous unions, if appropriate.

5. Marriage Registration: At the district office, the couple will complete the marriage registration form. The wedding ceremony’s date will be planned.

6. Marriage Ceremony: The couple may choose to have their wedding ceremony in the district office or another place. The couple can decide whether they want a traditional or non-traditional ceremony, and it can be held in either Thai or English. The marriage must be officiated by an authorized representative, such as a district officer or registrar.

7. Marriage Certificate: The couple will receive their marriage certificate following the ceremony. This certificate is needed for a number of things, including applying for visas and altering your marital status on official documents. It is recognized as a legal document in Thailand.

It’s vital to remember that the exact conditions and criteria may change based on the couple’s nationality, location within Thailand, and other factors. To make sure that all prerequisites for a marriage in Thailand are met, it is important to get in touch with the neighborhood district office or seek legal counsel.

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