Litigation in Thailand

Litigation in Thailand

In Thailand, Civil and Criminal Laws play an important role in the resolution of disputes. While many disputes can be settled in an amicable manner, some must be pursued in court. In such cases, the party who has suffered injury is known as the ‘applicant’. He files a complaint with the court stating the nature […]

Registering Marriage in Thailand

Marriage Registration in Thailand

When deciding to marry in Thailand, it’s important to know the requirements for Thai marriage registration. These requirements vary based on the citizenship of the couple. Consult with a family law attorney for more information. You’ll also need to get pre-marital health check-ups. And don’t forget to get a CNI (Certificate of Nationality) before you […]

Due Diligence in Thailand

Due Diligence in Thailand

Thai Due Diligence is an important part of the property purchase process in Thailand. This is a process of confirming the material facts of a sale, including a physical inspection of the property, a title check, a review of liens or government permits, and a background check on the seller and developer. Thai Due diligence […]

Board of Investment in Thailand

Board of Investment Thailand

There are several steps to follow when applying for Board of Investment (BOI) approval in Thailand. These include a detailed presentation, preparing a business plan, and meeting with the BOI officials. You may also need to provide additional information. Generally, the BOI wants to meet with you in person before you can proceed. Application Process […]

Filing for Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

If you’re looking for the best ways to file for divorce in Thailand, you’ll find that you have plenty of options. You can file for an uncontested divorce or file for a contested divorce. The latter option is useful if you disagree on issues such as child custody or marital property. It’s also a good […]

Thailand Law Firms

Thailand Attorneys

There any many law firms in Thailand however we at Law Firm have the best reputation under the expatriate community. We specialize in Immigration, Civil, Criminal and Family law. We are also a member of the British and American Chamber of Commerce and we are the largest legal services network in Thailand with offices in […]

Marital Rape in Thailand

Marital rape in Thailand had been legal for many years and begged the question as to what the status of women are in Thai society. The new laws which had been passed only a few years ago is interesting. Not to long ago it was legal to rape your wife without any issues with the […]

Third gender in Thailand

There has been much talk over the years of amending certain laws with regards to transsexuals in Thailand. Even though not much has come of it one interesting matter stands out highlighted in the Bangkok Post. The current legal status of transsexuals in Thailand or Katoeys has been debated for some time. I find it […]

Thailand Drug Offences

Drug laws in Thailand are strict and enforced by Thai police. If you ever thought that being found with some ‘weed’ is not bad – well it will get you a stiff sentence, deportation and possible blacklisting. Drugs laws are tough in Asia. If you have even taken a flight to Malaysia before you land […]

Company Registration Thailand

About Law Firms in Thailand

Upon approval from the cabinet, a company may register in Thailand. The memorandum of association must be approved by the Ministry of Commerce, shareholders must subscribe to all shares, and the transacted business must have cabinet approval. After a Thai company has registered, it must file tax ID cards and VAT certificates, and all necessary […]