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Law Firms in Thailand

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Law Firm Thailand is founded by licensed foreign and local lawyers and attorneys to provide legal services in Thailand. Our firm focuses on specific and variety of general law cases. Our law offices are strategically located in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai to offer our clients ease of ability to communicate with our lawyers in most cities in Thailand.

If you need a lawyer or attorney in Thailand, you can visit any of our offices or drop us a request for consultation.

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Legal Services

Prides itself as a premier legal service provider in Bangkok, and in key cities within the country, making it the largest legal network in Thailand.


Our Thailand Visa Services include legal assistance in obtaining Thai Elite Visa, Thailand Business Visa, One Year Multiple Entry Visa,Thailand Retirement Visa, Non Immigrant Visa, Work Permit, Thailand Permanent Residence Visa, Thai Citizenship and more.

Thailand Marriage

Marriage in Thailand for foreigners or Thai National and foreigner couple is easy to arrange and can be quickly accomplished.


The US News and World Report ranked first the Kingdom of Thailand in the 2020 Best Countries for Starting a Business global perception-based survey. The survey related to these five attributes: affordability, bureaucracy, low manufacturing costs, global connection and access to capital.

Litigation Services

Stare decisis or compliance with former decisions of the Supreme Court is not mandatory, but in practice, Supreme Court decisions generally have a persuasive effect in the adjudication of disputes.


Foreigners and travelers alike are mesmerized by the country’s culture, history, its tropical weather and needless to say, its vibrant and fun-loving nightlife. With these inviting scenarios, foreigners are considering acquiring properties in Thailand either to settle permanently or simply for a holiday getaway.

Our Blogs & Articles

Thailand Law Firms

There any many law firms in Thailand however we at Siam Legal have the best reputation under the expatriate community. We specialize in Immigration, Civil, Criminal and Family law.

Marital Rape in Thailand

Marital rape in Thailand had been legal for many years and begged the question as to what the status of women are in Thai society.

Third Gender in Thailand

There has been much talk over the years of amending certain laws with regards to transsexuals in Thailand. Even though not much has come of it one interesting matter stands out highlighted in the Bangkok Post.

Thailand Drug Offences

Drug laws in Thailand are strict and enforced by Thai police. If you ever thought that being found with some ‘weed’ is not bad – well it will get you a stiff sentence, deportation and possible blacklisting. Drugs laws are tough in Asia.

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